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Will we have a 2021 nfl season?

The NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement is set to expire following the 2020 season. According San Francisco cornerback Richard Sherman, a lockout will come with it.“It’s going to happen, so it’s not like guys are guessing,” said San Francisco’s player representative on September 6th about whether he believes there will be a lockout in 2021, per The Washington Post.


“The Match”

“Double it”, Tiger dared as Phil Mickelson bet him 100K that he would birdie the first hole. Mickelson agreed and the two continued light-hearted trash talk while promoting their upcoming round on SportsCenter this past week.

Credit: NFL Network

Credit: NFL Network

The Rise of Redzone: A New Way to Consume the NFL

“7 hours of commercial-free football… starts now!” Scott Hanson’s voice booms through homes across the U.S. at 1:00 PM EST sharp, just as the first set of Sunday games are kicking off in the National Football League.