The Wharton Undergraduate Sports Business Club (USBC) aims to educate students on the world of sports business, build awareness of career & internship opportunities in the sports industry on campus, and help students to get those positions. Our organization runs events including industry panels, career fairs, career treks, speaker events, and more.

As a board, we realized that while we felt we were achieving these objectives successfully through running events like these, there was more to be done. Our board is limited in size, but there are a huge number of students on our campus interested in sports. Seeing this, we asked ourselves, “How can we get more students involved on a daily basis?” Therefore, we are creating the USBC Journal.

Seeing the support and input from the Penn community, our group decided to expand even more. After careful thought and consideration, we found that the best way to continue to impact both the Penn community and beyond was to create a seminal event that brought the sports business community together. This idea blossomed into what is now known as the Wharton Sports Business Summit, which saw its inaugural conference held in 2017. 

Today, our club has over 1,100 members that actively participate in these business growth opportunities. On one of the most competitive campuses in the nation, we want to be the club that does not turn students away and at the same time offers a great sense of community. Through these unique opportunities and activities we feel as if we are successfully achieving our goal, but continue to strive for growth every year.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia and Flickr, and are used under the Creative Commons license.