Home of the Wharton Undergraduate Sports Business Club Journal, a student-run publication on sports business and analytics.

The USBC Journal gives students the opportunity to analyze the business behind sports in a public space. Our goal is to analyze the business aspects of sports, digging into the weeds and moving beyond simple summaries of events. The USBC Journal features commentary on sports marketing, discussion on the effects of new contracts or trade agreements, and insight on how rule changes will impact the sport.

Writing for the Journal has two main components: the opportunity to analyze sports business and the chance to cover the enticing events the USBC hosts. From attending the prestigious Wharton Sports Business Summit, to meeting with prominent Penn alumni working in the sports industry, there are a plethora of talks, presentations, and more that Journal writers report on.

Joining the Journal provides students with a fantastic opportunity to have their work published on an established platform. Perfect for resumes and portfolios, a polished, well-researched Journal article is a priceless way to make the most out of your participation in the USBC.

Be sure to follow the USBC Journal to get weekly updates on the latest in sports business. We hope to grow, to eventually be a valuable source of information in the industry. Lastly, if you are interested in joining the USBC Journal or have any questions, send us an email at usbcupenn@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing what you have to say!